At its beginning in 1970, ERIGE had one goal; fulfiling electric fittings.

Then, in 1991, the still present boss of ERIGE, Philippe CRABALANA arrived and the firm turned towards the fittings of air-conditioners and heat pumps.

Since 1996, ERIGE commits itself to acknowledgement of its skills and its quality choices (agreement CLIMSURE with EDF) and qualitfication QUALIFELEC TH2 electrothermy.

In 1996, following the awareness concerning global warming, our firm started to deal with new energies.

ERIGE got qualifications as QUALISOL, QUALIPV, chosen « DAIKIN habitat confort expert » by our associate in 1991, ROTEX expert, ALDES House of Air, we have selected the best manufacturers which let us bring a coherent energy solution.

toiture énergie solaire


SOLAR ENERGY – 2.1 Warm water and heater.

The energy provided by sun is numerous and free (particulary in our area). It can easily allow the making of warm water for sanitary use; in accordance with our qualifying choices, we have selected brands as ROTEX, ESE or CLIPSOL which allow us to find the adapted solution to the need of each family for warm sanitary water, additional heating and even the main heating of your house (in the case of a brand new building).

There are two families of panels:


  • Packed captors which have a very high output.
  • « Plan » captors which have now good outputs (about 700W for 1 m²).

In the South of France, higly capable are only recommended if there are associated to a technology avoiding overheat during the summer (auto-evacuation ROTEX, ESE).

Orientation is important, South is the ideal.

Inclination can be weak; 25° for a water solar heater, but at least 40° for a solar heater (the sun is low during the winter).

SOLAR ENERGIE – 2.2 Photovoltaics pannels

The dream that our energy consumption can be compensated by our own production is possible thanks to photovoltaic solar pannels.

Governmental measures (50% of tax reduction) and the buyback of the KiloWatt produced, about six times more expensive than the market price, let this dream affordable and profitable. The condition is that the installation must be perennial and the materials of quality; even if this operation is often presented as a financial operation, you must be conscious that the captors must be completely integrated to the roof of your house.

We have chosen the brand CLIPSOL, inventor and forerunner of the integration in France.

Administrative processes are heavy and start with the deposit of a permit of work to the town hall; we will come along with these formalities as soon as our commercial offer.

chaudiere chauffage



Also called heat pump Air/Air, this technology enables a thermic comfort all the year long.

An outside group (the heat pump Air/Air) DAIKIN can supply many difusers (indoor unities) which can be:


  • Mural, these diffusers are most often placed above doors.
  • Consoles, these diffusers replace classic heaters.
  • Included, these diffusers disappear in fake ceilings or roof to let visible little railings for airing.

The energetic report of these heat pumps Air/Air is often four times higher to an electric heater (Cop higher to 4); twice more economic than a natural gaz condensation boiler or five times more economic than a condensation GPL boiler (propane in a tank) and this, without discharge of CO2.

The reversible air-conditioner is an effective and fast way to renovate the heating system of your living, to allow it to be economic, to stop burning fuel oil of gaz and emitting CO2, and protecting yourself from future heatwaves.


Nowadays, shops and offices must be equiped with air-conditioners, but the fittings must be adapted to the use of premises: a mural unity of split type is often not.

In a shop or an office, the ideal diffusion will often be made thanks to a hidden unity supplying other « vents ». The possibility of a embendded cassette or a visible one, in a false ceiling.

For big spaces, a distribution by micro-perforated flexible girdle is mostly recommended.

The production can be assured by heat pumps of VRV DAIKIN type or heat pumps air/water. Those last ones become profitable for the big volumes, completed by a curtain of air over the accesses gates.

These installations will allow your customers to roam peacefully in your shops, or to your employees to work serenely.

Clilmatisation murale



Two heat pumps types exist: low and high temperature.

Low temperatures are particulary adapted to heating floor (to ventilo-convector and to low temperature heater). The water produced by these heat pumps goes from 25 to 55°C. The last generations are Inverter proportional regulation, which allows a comfort and an exceptional output.

The ideal is a bi-block (or split) model which separates (the thermodynamic part) from the hydraulic part and the regulation; that means that warm water never leaves the house, only the outdoor exhanger harnesses the energy in the exterior air from -15°C to -20°C according to the models.

Our associate, DAIKIN, (worldwide leader and higly specialized in heat pumps) suggests a very complete Altherma line allowing the production of warm sanitary water within or without associated solar captor.


  • A heating floor can become refreshing during the summer if it is paired with a reversible air/water heat pump.

 A hydraulic heating floor need the same confines of fittings than a central heater installation (high point, purge, loss of load, thermic balance). Those works must not be improvised.


DAIKIN, our associate, manufactures high temperature heat pumps. Indeed, those pumps produce water until 80°C from removed calories of the outdoor air (aerothermy), without any contribution from an electric resistance. That allows to substitute them to any type of existing boiler.

Those heat pumps from Altherma high temperature line are, of course, made of Inverter proportional regulation, which allows them to adapt permanently the water temperature which is moving in your climatic variating heaters.

Those heat pumps also produce your warm sanitary water within or without associated solar captor.